July 2017 Meeting Highlights!


Book Room

A big thank you was extended to all of the members who volunteered to staff the successful June Book Sale. A special acknowledgement of thanks was given to Thelma Bates and Jean Bush for their work in scheduling and coverage. Appreciation was also extended to the men who worked to set up and put away the tables and boxes of books. The next sale is set for July 29, in the Community Center Atrium, from 10:00 to 3:00. Fiction books, specially priced items, DVDs, CDs and videos will be available for purchase.

Author Luncheon

The Author Luncheon will be held on Wednesday, October 4. Next month, the author will be revealed and information about tickets will be announced.

First Day of Kindergarten

Preparations are underway for the First Day of Kindergarten Project. The books are in and the bags will be assembled on August 30, from 10:00-12:00 in Room 116. The certificate for each individual kindergartener to purchase a book worth up to $10.00 at Sun Rose Books will be a new addition to the bag of goodies this year.

Reading Trees

Marge Roth and Babs Stefano decorated the trees this month with the themes of The Fourth of July and Independence.

Special Projects

Kathy Ferrier’s shell collection is on display. She is a former elementary school teacher and spends time on Sanibel Island. The display features objects of sea life from the gulf side of Florida.

Baby Bags

One hundred (100) baby bags were prepared by Patti Phillips and Dot Johnson and will be delivered to the hospital by Pauline Kretzu and Gail Lapko.


Former president, Rose Marie Ricci, continued our walk down memory lane by reviewing events during her tenure in office. The organization began sponsoring the Author’s Tea and activities in area schools such as author visits, writing workshops, and programming activities like the First Day of Kindergarten. We became involved with Better World Books and provided the library with window shades, book stacks, a microwave and even a defibrillator.

Former president, Sandy Crescenzo, brought the organization into the 21st century by encouraging the organization to do more things online. Under her leadership the organization sponsored the Family Creative Learning Program and established a webpage with the help of Joanne Romano. We celebrated Frances Keenan’s 100th birthday and dedicated the $1.00 cart in her honor. We also purchased a bicycle rack and provided landscaping for the library. The current organization continues to build upon the foundation established by our past contributions and accomplishments for the library and the community of Ocean City.

Family Creative Learning—October 7 Workshop Highlights!

At the Intersection of Joy and Learning
What in the world does the above picture have to do with joy & learning, technology, and creativity? Well, that picture really is worth 1,000 words. It demonstrates the understanding of what items are conductive and can be used in a family project. It also gives us a glimpse into just one of our participant’s future…a chef!
IMG_0034The third Family Creative Learning Workshop brought families together to begin planning their collaborative project for the Community Showcase—October 21 at 6:30 PM in room 111 of the Ocean City Free Public Library.
During our dinner, everyone answered the question—What do we like to do?—in words or drawings—on their large, post-it note placemat.
From the drawings and the discussions, family members brainstormed ideas incorporating IMG_0040their individuality, collaboration, and creativity. If one could see thinking, the room was filled with lots of ideas bouncing from one to the other…some accepted, some questioned, some tried, and some, well they may be hanging on the edges.  This workshop doesn’t end when time is up, but will spill over into the IMG_0028October 14 workshop where a family-designed project filled with learning, exploring, problem solving, creativity and, the deeper understanding of each family member’s path to creativity will be made ready to share!
Meet us…
At the Intersection of Joy and Learning