Family Creative Learning—October 7 Workshop Highlights!

At the Intersection of Joy and Learning
What in the world does the above picture have to do with joy & learning, technology, and creativity? Well, that picture really is worth 1,000 words. It demonstrates the understanding of what items are conductive and can be used in a family project. It also gives us a glimpse into just one of our participant’s future…a chef!
IMG_0034The third Family Creative Learning Workshop brought families together to begin planning their collaborative project for the Community Showcase—October 21 at 6:30 PM in room 111 of the Ocean City Free Public Library.
During our dinner, everyone answered the question—What do we like to do?—in words or drawings—on their large, post-it note placemat.
From the drawings and the discussions, family members brainstormed ideas incorporating IMG_0040their individuality, collaboration, and creativity. If one could see thinking, the room was filled with lots of ideas bouncing from one to the other…some accepted, some questioned, some tried, and some, well they may be hanging on the edges.  This workshop doesn’t end when time is up, but will spill over into the IMG_0028October 14 workshop where a family-designed project filled with learning, exploring, problem solving, creativity and, the deeper understanding of each family member’s path to creativity will be made ready to share!
Meet us…
At the Intersection of Joy and Learning

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