The Membership committee is responsible for room setup, member sign-in, dissemination of badges, welcoming guests, and keeping current with member contact information, etc. Once a guest has attended two meetings, he or she is eligible to join the Friends and Volunteers of the Ocean City Free Public Library.

Interested in joining? Click the link: Contact Us

For more information about the Membership Committee responsibilities see below.

New members were welcomed at the annual new member luncheon.

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee responsibilities fall into two categories; meetings and clerical work.

Monthly meeting responsibilities are:

  • to happily greet and welcome all members and prospective members at the entrance of the room.
  • to arrive at least a half hour before the meeting for set up and stay fifteen minutes afterward to return everything to the storage area
  • to set up a table and five chairs for the officers
  • to place the gavel and nametags on the table for the F&V board members
  • to set up an entrance table for newly printed and updated sign-in sheets for members and guests.  Noting how many times prospective members have attended and updating the F&V membership list, phone numbers, addresses and email addresses accordingly
  • to set out nametags
  • to take a head count and verify number with signatures on the sign-in sheets
  • to announce how many members are in attendance on the day, a total of how many members are in the organization, and how many guests are present
  • to introduce the newest members and guests
  • to remind members to return their nametags at the end of the meeting.  Nametags are then placed in the box and returned to the storage area

Clerical responsibilities are:

  • to prepare a monthly report to be sent to the president after the general meeting with information on numbers of those attending and names of new guests and those returning for a second or third time
  • to prepare new member folders with all pertinent information for those attending for a third time
  • to have duplicated copies of member information
  • to make new badges for new members
  • to alert the secretary of any new member information
  • to make all necessary changes to the Activity Spreadsheet and update information on the computer
  • to email appropriate committee chairpersons of new members interested in their committee
  • to be prepared to make copies
  • to be prepared to make copies of documents for those who do not have an email address

The time involved for the preparation before, during and after the general meeting lasts about 2 hours.  Monthly clerical duties last about an hour.

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