Get the Word Out! The purpose of the Friends and Volunteers of the Ocean City Free Public Library (F&VOCFPL) is to help focus public attention on the library, to champion the library’s facilities and services, and to encourage financial support of the library‘s projects.

Effective communication is the foundation for increasing community awareness and involvement with the library and its vast resources.  Linda Robie chairs this committee by communicating with various media outlets to announce the many activities of the organization. This website serves as just one vehicle. Every event is advertised using all media—print and digital.  Providing information to the newspapers, the Ocean City website, and the local OCTV station—Channel 97—about upcoming and after event happenings affords the opportunity for anyone who is on or offline to be in the know!

To learn more about Publicity Committee responsibilities see below.


The Publicity Committee supports all other committees in the Friends & Volunteers organization to announce activities and communicate events.  It uses print media, online posts, bulletin boards and the organization’s website to promote and advertise events and programs.

The Publicity Committee’s goal is to communicate timely information to the community regarding all Friends and Volunteers programs and events supporting the mission of the Ocean City Free Public Library and literacy.  Using the bulletin board kiosk in the library atrium, programs, events and meeting dates are highlighted for the community.  Organization activities are also promoted in newspapers and online with press releases containing detailed information regarding events.   A webpage is also maintained to promote and advertise the organization.

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