Family Creative Learning—September 30!

ThinkingcodingpencilsAt the Intersection of Joy and Learning

A grape stem, a carrot, a metal jar lid and a ballerina sprite, a floating ghost sprite accompanied by classical music, a selfie & a sprite, a sprite falling through the black hole—what do these have to do with creativity & learning? Each of these items was integral to the projects designed by parents and children in Session 2 of the Family Creative Learning Workshop.

About the Learning

You HAD to be there. Just imagine the cooperation and collaboration & creativity as parents designed with parents and children designed with children—programming sprites from Scratch and controlling those sprites through the connection to MakeyMakey kits. Problem solving, trial and error, if-then, risk taking, critical and computational skills, pride in accomplishment, and the aforementioned cooperation and collaboration were needed and evident in the projects presented. And, most importantly, the gift of time parents are giving to children as they learn and work together on something new…it’s Priceless!

Up Next…

At the October 7 session families will brainstorm their final projects that will be on display at the October 21 Community Showcase. All are invited. Details to follow.

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Meet us…

At the Intersection of Joy and Learning


At the Intersection of Joy & Learning!

The signs were up, the table and food were ready, and the computers were tested as the Family Creative Learning Facilitators waited anxiously for the arrival of the families who IMG_0003signed up to take part in a learning journey! At 5:30 PM the families—parents & children filled with anticipation—arrived! It didn’t take long for the energy level to go way up as we began our work together.


Eating & Meeting!

Each meeting is divided into 4 parts—Eat, Meet, Make, and Share. As food was eaten, members of each family filled out About Me and About Us papers. Some of the information about everyone was shared and will be referenced as we grow and learn together. After a roadmap of the sessions was discussed and the demo of the MIT programming language, SCRATCH, was shown, the parents and children went to separate rooms to begin the Meet and Make portions of the workshop.


IMG_0065Parents and children explored SCRATCH with lots of ahas, hmmms, ohs, smiles and laughter!



Now it was time for parents and children to share their creations in a gallery walk! Congratulations, questions, and next steps were shared by creators and viewers!




Okay, we’ll say it…”it was AWESOME!”

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