Highlights of September 2017 Membership Meeting!

Committee Reports

Pauline Kretzu reported that 40 of our 75 members were in attendance at today’s meeting. There were no guests.

Pat Levis reported that the sale of the Christina Baker Kline Author Luncheon tickets went beautifully. She offered thanks to the committee members for their help. Approximately 45 tickets remain and are available for the October 4, 2017 event.

Pauline Kretzu reported that this month the baby bags would be prepared by Liz Genco, Diane McMenamin, and Barbara Lalli. MaryAnn Mozzo and Pauline Kretzu will deliver the 100 bags to Shore Memorial Hospital in Somers Point.

Jeanne Pless reported that the dates for our next book sale are Friday, December 8, 2:00 – 8:00 and Saturday, December 9, 9:00 – 2:00. A change to make the one-day book sale in July to a two day event, and the two-day August sale, to a one day event, is being considered. The donation of an additional 5 flat sheets to cover the tables during books sales is needed.

MaryAnn Mozzo and Linda Robie reported that the First Day of Kindergarten bags have been delivered for the start of school. Seventy-seven students were registered and eighty bags were prepared. A thank you was extended to all who helped. Contact will be made with the kindergarten teachers to see how distribution went and to determine if it may be necessary to budget for ninety students next year.

Babs Stefano reported that this month’s Reading Trees theme is Back to School. Cecelia Gallelli-Keys and Elaine Novello have volunteered to help with the October display. A thank you was extended to Dot Johnson for donating a table for use when setting up the trees.

Barbara Riggione communicated that she had contacted the Intermediate School and that our special program sponsoring the Writer’s Workshop has been scheduled. Presenter, Lisa Willever, will work with the fourth graders on Monday, October 16, and with the eighth graders on Tuesday, October 17. Times of the sessions will be available at the October meeting. Members are welcome to attend the sessions.

Cheryl Kelchner reported that the South Shore Stitchers have prepared this month’s library display. They are holding a quilt show in October at the Senior Center in Upper Township. Next month, the display case will feature the OC Reads book, One Amazing Thing. Display items that represent any of the characters in the book are sought, especially things from India.

Carla Heist displayed the bookmarks prepared by the Embroiderers’ Guild of America for the third graders participating in the Reading Club. The students will be able to select their favorite from the many creative designs available. MaryAnn Mozzo reported that she will contact the school to learn when the club will begin.

Old Business

Director of the OC Historical Museum, Jeff McGranahan, thanked the membership for our donation to support the museum’s summer camp program. The first camp was held in July, and prepared the children to be tour guides in the museum. The second session was for returning children and involved teaching the children how to research and prepare a presentation using photographs from the collection in a Power Point display. The funds we provided allowed for the purchase of needed supplies and snacks, and also for the use of an intern, Theo Wood, to assist with technology. Eighteen children participated. Each child also received a book on seafaring history and a t-shirt with the museum’s logo. The last day, a pizza party was held for the parents and kids. They are considering expanding the program next year to possibly include a Night at the Museum.

Lighting has been installed above the free book table.

The St. Peter’s Back to School Carnival was successful. A thank you was extended to volunteers, Kathleen Woodring, Carole Candy, Dot Johnson, Annette LoPresti, Judi Levy, and Elaine Novello. It was a well-planned and enjoyable community event in which almost 300 children participated.

New Business

A letter has been received from a fourth grade teacher from Linwood’s Belhaven School regarding collecting new and gently used children’s books and new school supplies for the schools in Houston. The collection will run until September 20 to replace the lost classroom libraries and supplies. A donation box has been set up in the library.

The Block Party Book Sale is set for Saturday, October 7, 2017. Set-up is 8:00 AM. A sign-up sheet for workers is being circulated. (Please include phone numbers).

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