New Member Luncheon…Decibel Level—High!

The April 8th F&VOCFPL general membership meeting was packed with new information and new ways of doing things! This new website was unveiled AND the new procedures for acquiring tickets for the Annual Author’s Luncheon were discussed. Meetings get a bad rap at times because they lack camaraderie. Not so with the F&VOCFPLs. That’s what makes this a meeting to look forward to for those who belong—lots of you had to be there moments and LOTS of great, forward-thinking ideas!

new members

New F&VOCFPL Members

After the April 8 F&VOCFPL meeting, members moved to the Headley Room to partake in an opportunity to socialize, to eat a nice lunch, and to welcome new members. One test of the viability of any group is just that—new members. The F&VOCFPL welcomed 4 to our group—Jean Bush, Terry Stark, Joan Sambucci, not pictured—Barb Piston.


Sandy Crescenzo, President F&VOCFPL

F&VOCFPL President, Sandy Crescenzo, thanked the current members for their dedication and enthusiasm through their diligent support of the Ocean City Free Public Library. Sandy welcomed the new members and looks forward to their support and their new ideas in support of the F&VOCFPLs’ goals of promoting the OCFPL and literacy.

Chris Maloney, Ocean City Free Public Library Director, thanked the F&VOCFPLs—both long-standing and new—for their generous and diligent support of the OCFPL. He looks forward to the many projects and contributions provided by the F&VOCFPLs that help make the OCFPL a primary stop for information and resources for visitors, current and new Ocean City, NJ residents.


Chris Maloney, Director OCFPL

While the decibel level may have been high at times, the talk revolved around HOW the F&VOCFPL members can work together to generate a greater understanding of the valuable resources available from the OCFPL and generate of love of learning through increased literacy. And that…was an exciting, LOUD conversation!

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