F&VOCFPL Scrapbooks on Display—April 11th to 27th—Ocean City Historical Museum

Capturing the excitement, the enthusiasm, and the importance of projects, programs, and events is a behind the curtain responsibility that ensures the level of commitment and the support of the F&VOCFPL for the library is documented, and yes…immortalized. As new ways of communicating emerge—such as this website—and different technologies become recognized as vehicles for effective communication, it is important to celebrate the efforts that provided the foundation for preserving the F&VOCFPL contributions. Thus, a huge debt of gratitude is owed to Cheryl Kelchner (see UPDATE below)* who diligently chronicled every event for over a decade and memorialized the experiences in scrapbooks.

cherylTo honor this, the F&VOCFPL scrapbooks will be on special display in the Ocean City Historical Museum from April 11th through April 27th, 2013. The scrapbooks have been donated to the Ocean City Historical Museum thereby preserving the memories…forever!

In addition to being an enthusiastic cheerleader for the efforts of the F&VOCFPL, above all, Cheryl is an artist. Cheryl’s talent affords the F&VOCFPL an opportunity to communicate the work and the support of the F&VOCFPL through this special medium. While technology might afford different and (almost) immediate access to information, any and all media that enables members and visitors to appreciate the services of the Ocean City Free Public Library is critically important. Cheryl’s continued documentation via the Bulletin Board provides a tangible artifact for easy access by all.  Enjoy the exhibit AND the bulletin board!

UPDATE: F&VOCFPL members—Barbara Weber & Anita DeSantis—were diligent keepers of the scrapbooks prior to 2008 when Cheryl assumed this responsibility.

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