5th Annual Author’s Tea Ticket Sale…UPDATE…

TicketsThey lined up early…INlinewell, they sat at tables and chatted until close to the 10:00 A.M. sales start….but the anticipationtablegatheringWAS palpable. They were there to purchase tickets for the 5th Annual Author’s Tea. Sales were brisk—70 tickets sold in 15 minutes! There are still more tickets available…as Peggy informs everyone…Hurry!

Always looking to make the ticket purchasing more efficient, the procedure was changed this year—no Mail Ins…sales were limited to 4 tickets per person. F&VOCFPL passed out clipboardsforms, pens, and clipboards to make the information gathering go more smoothly. Purchasers could request to be seated with another group of 4 and, rest assured, every effort will be undertaken to honor these requests. Each purchaser walked away with their ticket(s) and each eagerly awaits the table assignment that will be sent USPS.

If the anticipation for the purchase of the tickets is any indication of the atmosphere on the day of the event—May 9—it should be a wonderful way to spend an afternoon—socializing and learning!


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