New Members Welcomed

Twenty-two new members were welcomed to the Friends and Volunteers organization at a celebratory dinner on April 26th. A lovely evening was spent getting to know each other better and learning about upcoming events and library offerings. New members pictured above: Standing: Kathy Wheatcroft, Sherry Graham, Peg Havener, Carol Kearney, Ruth Homer, Deb Scheinkofer, Carol McKeever, Daria Sohanchek-Teti, Pat Staub. Seated: Pam Homan, Linda Lehn, Pam Moran, Bonnie Sweeder, Marie Stuart, Barbara Rowley, Robin Miller. Not shown: Dot Aiken, Suzanne Amen, Fran Bisicchia, Betty Gillian, Donna Prince, Jane Rubin.

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