New Members Welcomed

The newest F & V members were welcomed with a celebratory meal. It is the first celebration since 2019. Since then twenty-two members have joined our group.

Pictured above front row, (left to right): Annette LoPresti, Jane Claypool, Denise Halbe, Alice Rinkavage, Stephanie Rankin, Kathy Schilling, Cheri Venturi

Back row (left to right): Meg Boice, Barbara Evans, Marie Gallagher, Nancy Pugh, Barbara Eckenrode, Patti Brown, Pat Donohoe, Ann Malizio

Not shown: Cindy Brooks, Kathy Diana, Pam Howell, Tom Howell, Kathy Piech, Tracey Burgoyne, Melodie Perri, Janice Simms

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