January F&V Meeting Highlights

Our January meeting was a thankful one. President Sandy Crescenzo thanked the Friends and Volunteers (F&V) for their tireless work in furthering the goals of the Ocean City Free Public Library, participating in the many and varied projects the F&Vs undertake, and for making her first year as President…”a blast!” We all look forward to a very busy, enjoyable, and literacy-filled year!

Our Thanks to Frances

Frances W. Keenan, our proud centenarian, was surprised as Marie Platzer and Pam Hepner wheeled in a library cartFranceslibrary purchased in her honor. Designated as the Dollar Cart, books are available for purchase at…yes, $1.00. Marie quipped that even before she rolled the cart into the meeting, one book had sold! Surely, now that everyone knows this is Frances’ cart, patrons and visitors alike will gravitate toward the bargains and in doing so, will aid our efforts and honor our colleague, Frances!

Showcase Display

ShowcasefullOn your next trip to the library, don’t miss the Display Case located just past the Circulation Desk. Each month, Cheryl Kelchner creatively displays collectibles lent to the library for one month. December’s display blended 2 different collections—Snow Babies from Sandy Crescenzo and Christmas Trees from Angel Smith. Interested in displaying your collectibles? Click—Showcase Display







Two Trees

JanTreesAs you enjoy the showcase display, don’t forget to look at the two trees located in the alcove of the library. Turn left from the front of the showcase display and walk down the hallway. Each month our F&Vs decorate the trees with suggested book titles or items related to a theme. You just might get an idea for your next project, book club, or present!

To view more pictures of our events, go to our Flickr pagehttp://www.flickr.com/photos/94586969@N04/

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