October 2018 Membership Meeting Highlights!

Pam Hepner conducted the quarterly reading of the Friends and Volunteers purpose.

Corresponding Secretary, Angel Smith reported that a sympathy card had been sent to Gerri Cusato for the passing of her mother. A thank you note was sent to Roberta McCoy from the South Shores Stitchers. A thank you note was received from The Shores for our equipment donation.


Membership: Bobbi Taylor reported that 42 of our 71 members were present. Dot Mongo attended for the third time and Joanne Lachwalder attended for the first time.

Hospitality: Joan Sambucci reported that National Friends of the Library Week would be celebrated October 22-26. A table will be set up in the atrium to welcome patrons and distribute goodies from 9:00 – 12:00. A sign-up sheet was distributed for shifts of 1.5 hours. The Chamber of Commerce’s Welcome Night will be held on October 24, from 6:00 to 8:00 at the Civic Center. Volunteers to distribute materials at the library table were sought.

Author Luncheon: A thank you was extended to all who worked. Author, Denise Kiernan, was found to be very personable and engaging. In all, 211 lunches were served. Two gift baskets were provided for free from Circle Liquors. The committee will meet to make recommendations for next year. Debbie Moreland extended thanks to Pat Levis and Joan Sambucci for their work. New F&V flyers were prepared for the luncheon with about 50% taken. Bobbi Taylor suggested that the new pamphlets be taken to the Welcome Center on the causeway.

Baby Bags: Bobbi Taylor reported that Patti Phillips and Pauline Kretzu will prepare and deliver the bags this month.

Book Room/Book Sales: Elaine Wilson is working on a flow chart to outline book room responsibilities. A sign-up sheet for the December 7 & 8 book sale was distributed. Shifts will be 2.5 hours in length with assistance needed for clean-up and set-up.

First Day of Kindergarten: Linda Robie thanked everyone for their help. About 15 of the Sun Rose gift certificates have been redeemed. Unused coupons will be retrieved from the school at the end of October.

Publicity: Linda Robie reported that the flyer for the December book sale will go out the first week of November.

Reading Trees: Babs Stefano reported that MaryAnn Mozzo prepared the trees for October with fall and Halloween themes. Marge Roth will do the trees in November and Elaine Novello in December. Elaine Novello and Dot Johnson are taking over as co-chairs next year.

Special Programs: Barbara Riggione reported that the Writer’s Workshop featuring Lisa Willever would begin tomorrow, Tuesday, October 9, at 8:00 AM. Three sessions would be held for the fourth grade on Tuesday with three sessions held on Wednesday for the eighth grade.

Special Projects: Cheryl Kelchner reported that Kay Reilly, director of Ocean City Reads, prepared the display case for the upcoming community event featuring the book, Thunder Dog. The bulletin board has also been updated to feature photos from the author luncheon. Work is continuing on preparing the new book sale posters. Five months have already been scheduled for the display case next year.

Third Grade Reading: Kathleen Woodring reported that she would meet with the club on Thursday evening, October 18, at 6:00. Twelve students have signed up for the program. She will attend the session to welcome the students and explain that the F&Vs provide the books for the program. The first month’s book is, Because of Winn Dixie.


Patti Phillips is preparing committee interest sheets for 2019.

Debbie Moreland extended a thank you to the nominating committee, Pam Hepner, Elaine Wilson and Jean Bush. Pam Hepner presented the slate for two year terms beginning January 2019. The slate presented was the following: President, Chris Wilson, Vice President, Patti Phillips, Recording Secretary, Joyce McNeely, Corresponding Secretary, Jean Bush, Treasurer, Evie Bachich and Directors-at-Large, Kathleen Woodring and Debbie Moreland. The slate will be presented again at the November membership meeting with nominations taken from the floor with the consent of the nominee. A vote will then be taken.

Debbie Moreland reported that replacements were still being sought for committee chair positions. Volunteers are still needed for Book Room/Book Sales, Co-Chair for the Author Tea/Luncheon, and Special Programs/Writing Workshop to serve with Barbara Riggione.

A thank you was extended to Tina Moschella and Pam Hepner for researching and recommending equipment that was purchased for and presented to the residents of The Shores.

Debbie Moreland presented the idea of the drive-through book drop suggested by Pat Levis to Library Director, Karen Mahar. The library supports the concept but recognizes a problem and challenge with placement in the current parking lot design.


Karen Mahar has invited F&V members to attend a Library sponsored Active Shooter Training by Camelot Security on Wednesday, October 17, 2018 from 9:00 AM – 12:30 PM in N110. Interested members are asked to sign-up for the session.

The atrium of the library will be used during First Night. A DJ and crafts for children will be set up. F&V members willing to participate will be offered a First Night button to attend activities before or after the atrium session

September 2018 Meeting Highlights!

Corresponding Secretary, Angel Smith, reported that she sent a thank you note to Betty and Fred Pracht for their owl exhibit. She also noted the passing of former member Eleanor Conway.

Corresponding Secretary, Angel Smith, reported that she sent a thank you note to Betty and Fred Pracht for their owl exhibit. She also noted the passing of former member Eleanor Conway.

Library Representative, Leslie Clarke, distributed a sign-up sheet for the Block Party on Saturday, October 6.


Membership: Patti Phillips reported that 37 of our 71 members were present. Guest, Dot Mongo, is in attendance for the second time.

Book Room: Jeanne Pless reported that the next book sale will be December 7 & 8. Bookmarks and flyers are ready for printing. We are working on new signs for book sales. Jean Bush was instrumental in moving the discarded curriculum books from the book room. The Atlantic City Mission was contacted and was able to pick up the books for their program.

Author Tea/Luncheon: Pat Levis thanked Doris McNorton for her work on ticket sales. Two-hundred and eight tickets have been sold, and some still remain for the October 4 luncheon.

Baby Bags: Pauline Kretzu reported that she and Gail Lapko prepared 100 bags this month. Carole Candy and her husband took them to the hospital.

First Day of Kindergarten: Linda Robie reported that ninety bags, each containing about $20 worth of materials were prepared. Envelopes with the up to ten dollar coupons were given to the principal to be placed in take-home folders prepared by the teachers. The coupon will be good until November 30th. Carol DeMill and Angel Smith are taking over the committee.

Publicity: Linda Robie reported that the Gazette has been non-responsive to submissions. The Sentinel has been better. Posts have been made to five online calendars. Tina Moschella has agreed to co-chair the committee next year.

Hospitality: A sign-up sheet will be distributed at October’s membership meeting for volunteers to staff the National Friends of the Library give-away table in the atrium and the Welcome Night library table.

Library Special Events: Babs Stefano thanked the volunteers—Pam Hepner, Judi Levy, Joy Fleckser and Debbie Moreland—for their St. Peter’s Back to School Event participation. About 300 children participated at the event held on the church parking lot. The library table involved fishing and then spinning a roulette wheel to determine a school supply reward.

Read Across America: Kathleen Woodring stated that the event will be held on Friday, March 1. A sign-up sheet for bag stuffers and readers will be available at the January meeting.

Third Grade Reading Club: Kathleen Woodring reported that Third Grade teacher, Peg Dunner, will continue as advisor to the club. It will be held the third Wednesday of every month. October 17, 2018 will be the first meeting. They are looking for a new book title to read and will wait to get input from the participants to order the books before the end of the calendar year. Carla Heist displayed the book marks created by the Embroiders’ Guild of America. The club creates the bookmarks for the reading club participants as part of their community outreach program.

Reading Trees: Babs Stefano reported that Chris Wilson prepared the trees with a Back to School theme for September. MaryAnn Mozzo will do fall and Halloween themes for October.

Special Programs: The Writer’s Workshop will be held on Tuesday, October 9, and Wednesday, October 10 for the 4th and 8th graders in the Intermediate School.

Special Projects: Cheryl Kelchner thanked Elaine Novello for her handling of the display case. This month’s display is from Roberta McCory of the South Shore Stitchers and Quilters Guild.

Jeff McGranahan, Director of the OC Historical Museum, and Babs Stefano did a Power Point presentation on the summer camp activities.


Debbie Moreland thanked the nominating committee working to fill the executive positions beginning in 2019. Chairperson, Pam Hepner, and members Elaine Wilson and Jean Bush plan on presenting a slate in October that can then be voted on in November. She thanked those members who have served in leadership positions and those who have agreed to serve next year. We are still working on committee chairpersons. We still need a book room chairperson, and co-chairs for the author tea/luncheon and special programming, and a third person for special projects.

Materials have been purchased to allow for residents at The Shores to utilize audio books. CD players, headphones, speakers and other equipment have been purchased to donate to the facility.

Debbie Moreland reported that she attended a meeting regarding the 2nd floor library renovations. Board president, Jennifer Shirk, Library Director, Karen Mahar, and architect, William McLees presented information that outlined how the floor space would be increased by minimally changing the square footage of the second floor. By re-arranging the book shelves, young adult area and offices, a maker space and private study areas can be added. Maps of the proposed floor plan were made available.

Debbie Moreland will bring the suggestion, made by Pat Levis, to ease parking problems by installing a drive through book drop in the parking lot, to Library Director, Karen Mahar.


Library Board Meeting: Today 4:00 PM Room N111
Next Executive Board Meeting: Wednesday, October 3, 2018 10:00 AM
Author Luncheon: Denise Kiernan Flanders Thursday, October 4, 2018 11:30 AM
Fall Block Party: Saturday, October 6, 2018
Next Membership Meeting: Monday, October 8, 2018 10:00 AM