Dot Johnson, Elaine Novello and Marge Roth decorate the trees on the main floor of the library.

As one way to support the Friends and Volunteers of the Ocean City Free Public Library’s (FVOCFPL) goals of supporting the Ocean City Free Public Library and literacy, two trees on the main floor outside the children’s room of the Ocean City Free Public Library are decorated with the current calendar month theme. The decorations include titles of books for a variety of ages, as well as, items to support the chosen monthly theme.

Committee chairperson, Dot Johnson, recruits members                           with a smile and offers encouragement and support for                              everyone’s ideas!



             To learn more about Reading Tree Committee responsibilities see below.

The Reading Trees

The function of the Reading Trees Committee is to decorate the two artificial trees in the library with copied covers of books. 

Each month a different member of the committee chooses a topic or topics, searches out books that relate to the topic(s), and then copies the covers of the books selected.  The copies are affixed to colored card stock, a hole is punched at the top, and then it is hung on the trees.  Sometimes additional small items are hung on the trees to enhance the topic.  The goal is to inform the public, especially the children, of the vast amount of topics available in our library, both in fiction and nonfiction.


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